With Indac being based in Blenheim, we are in a prime position to work alongside the Marlborough vineyards in developing products specifically for this industry.

We are frequently visited by Viticulturalists and Winemakers with a 'problem' or an area of their operation that they would like to see more efficiency in to minimise labour costs or to extend the usable life of vineyard assets.

To this end we have developed Net Reels to increase the speed that nets are laid out, and then stored when not in use, Post Caps to protect the tops of roundwood posts from weather conditions and hence splitting, plastic buttons to capture the wires in undulating land contours and to retain the wires when a mechanical vine stripper is used, through to RJT Caps for the stainless steel wine storage vats.

Of course we have also historically provided the industry with a range of small hand picking bins through to pallet bins for bulk handling and transportation of grapes from the vineyard to the winery.  Feel free to contact Indac directly on 03 578 3034 or e-mailing your enquiry to info@indac.co.nz