Our range of Trigger Spray Bottles are split into two sub-groups.  These are the Round Trigger Bottle Series and the Slimline Trigger Bottle Series.

The "Round Series" offers 4 different capacities which are generally available ex stock in Natural with DIN 28/410mm neck threads or with DIN 28/400mm neck threads subject to which Trigger Sprayer that is decided upon.

The "Slimline Series" are generally tools owned or partially owned by our customers.  Some of these tools may be available depending on the intended market segment where product will be targeted.  These Trigger Bottles are always made to order.  Generally the neck threads are DIN 28/410mm but these can be changed by tooling up a different set of neck threads to suit your proposed Trigger Sprayer.

We can also design and develop tooling to provide you with your own product to differentiate your brand on the shelf.  Contact us directly to learn more or to get an estimate of development costs.