We offer two brands of Security Crates that offer two different base dimensions.

Security Crates offer increased protection of contained goods and are generally used for dense high value products or for products that are controlled by regulative bodies, i.e. pharmaceuticals.

They feature an attached lid, split in half with each hinged along a long side of the crate that form a 'finger-lock' seal along the centre line when folded inward.  When both lids meet in the centre, it is possible to insert a tamper evident security tag through both lids to show if the crate has been tampered with.

When full, the crates stack on top of each other securely due to the design of the crate base and lid structure when closed.  When the crates are empty and the lids folded back, the crates will nest into each other saving about 60% of the volume translating into freight efficiencies for return freight.