Our plastic Closed Head Drums are divided into three categories due the market segments that they are moulded for.  These are all Blow Moulded in the Hamilton factory using one of the largest blow moulding machines in the Australasian region.

We have a DG Approved Closed Head drum suited for products that fall under Dangerous Goods in Packaging Groups 2 and 3 that have a specific gravity that is 1.6 and under.  In boxing terms, this is the Heavy Weight moulded with a product weight and wall thickness unparalleled in the market giving our customers a high degree of protection and peace of mind.  Predominantly used in the industrial chemical industry sector.

For applications where product does not require to be packed in a DG Approved container, we have developed the Envyro-Drum.  These drums are manufactured using a blend of post consumer recycled material, in-house regrind, and virgin material.  This is our way of  closing the loop on plastic materials that would other wise go to landfill.  These drums are not DG Approved and are not destined to be.  These drums are widely used for animal health products, liquid fertilisers, Non DG chemicals, lubricants, coolants, inks and many more.

For food based product, we have also developed the Non DG variant using 100% food grade materials.  We have slightly reduced the weight but not the quality and each drum still needs to pass our in-house quality control process to ensure the drums are fit for purpose.  Can be used for gycerine, sorbitol, and similar products.