Copack can provide numerous plastic pallets designed for numerous applications .  We have split the range of pallets into 5 main categories to assist you in making the right selection for your intended application.

Dollies and Display Pallets are generally used to transport product destined for retail sale outlets from your warehouse, throughout transport, and eventually display your product in the retail outlet.  By retail outlet, we mean a supermarket, chain store, rural trade, hardware store, etc.  We can also provide a Retail Display Unit which is essentially a Display Pallet with sidewalls that fold down to enable a larger amount of product to be displayed and securely shipped.  All of these products are generally used to promote products located at the end of the aisles, or crown ends.  They can be used out of the retail environment due to the smaller footprints of each product.  There are several industries that utilise the Display Pallet due to its smaller size but ability to carry dense loads, i.e. Printing and Paper Industry, Packaging Industry to name a few.

Export Pallets are an economic means to pack your product for either Air or Sea Freight without the need to provide documentation required if using wooden pallets.  As our Export Pallets are plastic, they carry no risk of harbouring insects, or any other matter that requires wooden pallets to be heat treated prior to being shipped to numerous countries. Being plastic, our pallets can be stored in your warehouse until actually required without the need for any documentation.  They are also widely used to store and transport product domestically where there is not a requirement for a heavier duty pallet.

Pool Pallets are the workhorses of the range.  They are designed and manufactured for maximum strength and durability throughout the cycle of their usable life.  Numerous independent studies have been carried out proving that in long term applications, quality plastic Pool Pallets prove to be a more viable option that their wooden counterparts.  There is a the added benefit that as the pallets are plastic, and as they will not retain moisture, they can be used in all weather conditions without the pallet being compromised by rain, mould, rot, and insect infestation.

Hygiene Pallets are similar to the Pool Pallets, but generally have a flat, smooth, and easy to clean top surface to enable the pallets to be kept in a hygienic state through regular washing.  Semi-Hygiene pallets have a flat top and side walls but have an exposed base.  Full Hygiene Pallets are completely sealed and smooth throughout with no areas that could potentially trap food / degradable items.  When working with unpackaged food products such as meat, fish, poultry where blood product can come into direct contact with the pallets, these are the ones to use to comply with HACCP guidelines.

Specialised Pallets are pallets that have been designed with a specific purpose in mind.  We have just finalised the development and production of Generation II blow moulded pallets.  These pallets have been especially designed for Drums and Beverage Containers.

We can rotationally mould pallets to carry a specific product more securely that a standard flat surface.  These are called dunnage pallets and can take the form of a "V" or "W" or "U" on the top face or even an actual cutout of a certain shape to move your product from A to B while reducing the risk of damage in transit.

Spill and/or Bundage Pallets are also included in this category as they have been designed for the Chemical Industry to meet EPA and Dangerous Goods storage / transport requirements.  We are still working on this range and hope to have a range available in the short term.