With the current focus of most companies being the analysis of freight and logistics costs, Copack has compiled an extensive rage of crates, pallets and pallet bins designed to offer security and economies for getting your product from A to B in the form of RTP (Returnable Transit Packaging) design and construction.

We have three sizes of foldable crates, 5 sizes of nestable security crates that can all be secured to a 800mm x 600mm pallet by using the retractable strap lid.

Our range of plastic pallets covers 5 categories with Dollies & Display Pallets, Export Pallets, Pool Pallets, Hygiene Pallets and Specialised Pallets.  Whatever your product, and whatever your planned appilcation, we can offer a cost effective solution.

For larger requirements we offer Solid and Foldable Pallet Bins ranging from 350 litres up to 1450 litres in capacity.  Whether the intended load be small individual components, temporary outer packaging, chilled product, petfood, hides and skins, we have the bin for the job.

To learn more, please contact Ash Glenn – Business Development Manager on 021 367 262 or e-mailing info@copacksales.co.nz