Over the past few years Copack has worked alongside designers, engineers and toolmakers to develop three completely new ranges of Jerry Cans with more currently on the designing table.  When you need Jerry Cans - Think COPACK!

Industrial Jerry Cans These are our workhorses and are generally used in industrial chemical applications.  Due to this, all are either DG Approved or currently undergoing DG Testing to meet UN requirements for the transport of dangerous goods for Packaging Groups 2 and 3.

Commercial Jerry Cans This family of jerry cans provides a design to differentiate our customers product away from other more generic containers placed on the same shelf in a commercial trade or retail outlet.

Swing Handled Jerry Cans These are our next generation of DG Approved jerry cans that will compliment the other ranges in the category.  These have both 70mm and 38mm cap fitments to enable these Jerry Cans to have a number of accessories fitted aftermarket.  Custom over-moulded handles are also available.