The Industrial Jerry Cans are designed to provide  Dangerous Goods products that meet specific categories of the United Nations dangerous goods packaging criteria for Groups 1 and 2.  The design of the Industrial Jerry Cans also enables these to fit into existing carton sizes and pallet formats. Customers can generally utilise the same labels that are currently used with the Jerry Cans they may have used previously.

The 1 - 5 Lt Industrial Jerry Cans all share the same 38mm neck thread and we can supply a wide range of different types of closures in an array of colours.  Types of closure include the standard Tamper Evident, as well as Vented Tamper Evident, Child Resistant Caps (CRC's), and Vented CRC's.  Due to the amount of possible variations, these are all supplied and charged separately.

The 10 - 25 Lt Industrial Jerry Cans generally have a 58mm neck thread, and all come with the standard 58mm Tamper Evident Cap fitted (and these are included in the unit pricing).  We can also offer 58mm Vented Tamper Evident Caps on request, and may be able to fit them at the time of moulding if the order coincides with, or schedules a production run.  The Industrial cube style Jerry Can is also planned to have a 15 Litre variant in the not too distant future.

During the development process, we also wanted to offer customers the ability of having their own colour of Jerry Can, but without them needing to commit to very large moulding quantities.  Please be sure to compare the Colour Change Quantity fields against what your current supplier may demand.