The Industrial Bottle range was developed to compliment our range of Industrial Jerry Cans. When we were in consultation with customers who used Jerry Cans, it was quicky tabled that we would need to offer a range of Non DG and DG rated bottles and that they had to fit into their current cartons and use the same labels to make the transition easier.

This is what we have have done and we have also designed each bottle to have the same 38mm neck thread as the Industrial and Commercial Jerry Cans so that our customers only need to carry a stock of one type of cap to match a possible 14 x Containers.  The standard 38mm Tamper Evident Cap can also be replaced by a 38mm Vented Tamper Evident Cap, a 38mm Tamper Evident Child Resistant Cap (CRC), or a 38mm Tamper Evident Vented CRC which multiplies the full extent of what the Industrial Bottles can add to your product line-up whilst maintaining a uniform label and carton size.