With hygiene being a critical component of food manufacturing, industrial plastic pails, bins, crates, pallets, and pallet bins have been proven to be an economical method of handling ingredients, work in progress, finished product and through to the distribution of the final package to the point of sale.

We can provide FDA Title 21 approvals on the majority of products designed for use in this industry for HACCP requirements.

The majority of products are manufactured here in New Zealand in clean room environments before being moved to the warehouse for dispatch.  When in the warehouse, every care is taken to ensure that products are also kept in a clean environment.  This means that less time is taken by your staff to sanitise them before being introduced into your critical hygiene environments.

Nally branded products are well established in New Zealand and Australia and have become the crates of choice in the food manufacturing industry.  The #5, #7, #10, and #15 Stacka Nesta Crates are the most commonly used in production areas.

The Viscount Bail Arm Crates are widely seen being used for fresh produce including fruit, vegetables, meat and poultry cuts.

The Bread Crates are the backbone of the baking sector with the Confectionery Trays being in widespread use for sweet treats.

We have an extensive range of Hygiene and Pool Pallets suitable for use in critical hygiene areas, and if a larger medium is required, then we have a full range of Solid and Foldable Pallet Bins.  Whatever your need, we can supply.

To learn more, please contact Ash Glenn – Business Development Manager on 021 367 262 or e-mailing info@copacksales.co.nz