Foldable pallets bins are exactly that - pallet bins that fold down to minimise space when not in use for return transit to their site of origin or when in storage awaiting their next job.

One disadvantage of solid pallet bins is that they can take up a lot of space when stacked on top of each other meaning additional undercover storage space and an increased risk of the stacks toppling over in extreme weather conditions if stored outside.  Freight charges are usually the same for a full bin, or an empty bin and rates are calculated on the cubic spaces that each bin takes up in transit meaning that it can cost the same to return an empty bin as it did to send a full one.

The way around the above disadvantage is to utilise foldable pallet bins.  These bins will fold down to less than a third of their height when erected, which translates to economies in required space and freight charges by two thirds.  Each bin is different in their return ratios, as well as in design providing our customers a wide selction of bins to choose from.

We have bins designed for retail display, small dense loads, general loads, through to perforated bins for produce.  Click on each bin to see which suits your application.  These foldable pallet bins are a larger version of the foldable crates and are also considered RTP's (ReturnableTransit Packaging) and can pay for themselves within a short timeframe when compared to more traditional methods of bulk materials handling, whether returnable or for one way use in design.