Our range of plastic Drums has recently grown thanks to the development of an Open Head / Screw Top Drum variant of our Closed Head Drum.  These are both Blow Moulded in the Hamilton factory using one of the largest blow moulding machines in the Australasian region.

In the Open Head Drum section, there are also plastic lids designed for straight sided steel drums to act as a protective cover.

In addition to blow moulded drums, we can also provide rotationally moulded plastic drums and casks should your application be more suited to that style.

We have been selling reconditioned Food Grade IBC's for some time but are in the process of securing a supply line of new IBC's at very competitive rates.  We are also manufacturing a Heavy Duty IBC at our Blenheim plant that is currently undergoing DG testing in early 2011.

Closed Head Drums

Open Head Drums


Intermediate Bulk Containers