We have taken the 500ml and 1 Litre Industrial Bottles and increased the product weight to a  level required for these to provide a Dangerous Goods product that meets specific categories of the United Nations dangerous goods packaging criteria for Groups 1 and 2.

The DG Industrial Poison Bottles have a very high wall density which greatly assists in reducing any panelling (when the sidewalls suck in) and subsequent loss of adhesive label.

These bottles also have "POISON" embossed in two places on the shoulder of the bottle.  When used in conjunction with a 38mm Tamper Evident Child Resistant Cap, these bottles provide the complete package.

They can be used with the standard 38mm Tamper Evident Caps to provide a DG Industrial Bottle, as well as having the additional options of using Vented Caps to further minimise any potential panelling.

We also have a 1 Lt Poison Bottle fo non-DG liquids moulded from HDPE to complete the category.