Copack offers the full range of injection moulded Viscount and Nally Industrial Crates to commercial and and industrial users at manufacturer direct pricing.

These crates have been at the forefront of the market for decades and have been proven under all circumstances with unsurpassed quality gained from high standards set and adhered to by the manufacturer.

The majority are either New Zealand or Australian made using high amounts of UV additives to withstand our harsh environment.  Others are manufactured in China to NZ standards and specified materials from existing tools where it is not viable to tool up ourselves.  Our range of crates is so entrenched, that other companies have made inferior copies hoping to capitalise on these crates reputation.

With a change in distribution arrangements, you can now order the originals direct from the manufacturer instead of buying a copy.

To complement the range of injection moulded crates, we can also provide a selection of rotationally moulded trays, crates, tubs, bins, and toolboxes moulded in our Blenheim factory.

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