We designed the Commercial Jerry Cans to offer our customers "something different" and to provide a family of Jerry Cans that differentiates their product out from all of the other generic containers on the shelf at retail outlets.

The Commercial Jerry Cans under 5 litres offer an ergonomic side-mounted handle that makes it easy to pour out the contents with total control.  These smaller Commercial Jerry Cans all share the same 38mm neck thread, and we can supply a wide range of different types of closures in an array of colours.  Types of closure include the standard Tamper Evident, as well as Vented Tamper Evident, Child Resistant Caps (CRC's), and Vented CRC's.  The 5 Litre Commercial Jerry Can is moulded with a Visi-Strip that runs from the top of the neck down to the base on the front panel, when we mould these in solid colours.

The 20 Litre Commercial Jerry Can and the 20 Litre Closed Head Barrel are now also moulded at our Hamilton plant. These are designed to fit the same 58mm T/E Cap as the Industrial Jerry Cans, and we are planning on releasing the 20 Litre Commercial Jerry Can with a larger 70mm T/E Cap option in Mid 2012.  All 20 litre Commercial options will have a Visi-Strip moulded in when moulding in solid colours.