Over the past few years Copack was worked alongside designers, engineers and toolmakers to develop a completely new range of Industrial Bottles complimented by a range of customer owned Trigger Spray Bottle and Flagon tools.

The Industrial Bottles all share the same 38mm neck thread and we can supply a wide range of different types of closures in an array of colours.  Types of closure include the standard Tamper Evident, as well as Vented Tamper Evident, Child Resistant Caps (CRC's), and Vented CRC's.

We use the same tooling for the Industrial Bottles to provide Dangerous Goods (DG) variations for the 500ml and 1 litre sizes which can also utilise all of the above closures and double as POISON Bottles.

Tools for the Trigger Spray Bottles are all designed to accept the standard DIN 28/410mm Cap / Trigger Sprayer with some bottles also with a DIN 28/400 option.

We can also design and develop tooling to provide you with your own product to differentiate your brand on the shelf.  Contact us directly to learn more.

Industrial Bottles

DG Rated and Poison Bottles

Trigger Spray Bottles