1200 x 1000mm Rackable Full Hygiene Pallet
98691.jpg Details:

This fully rackable pallet is the zenith of Hygiene Pallet design and is suitable for racking, stacking and packing in the most extreme conditions where ulitimate cleanliness is required.  Its European high pressure injection moulded design and manufacture, ensures the perfect balance between mechanical performance and hygiene requirements.

Being manufactured from food grade HDPE is only the beginning.  Smooth surfaces on the top, side, underside and skids prevents accumulation of grime and other hygiene hazards.  When thoroughly cleaned and dried (quick and easily done), it can be used in direct contact with food, making it the most suitable pallet to be used for meat, fish, dairy, and poultry processing as well as being compliant in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Fully recyclable and robust with impact resistant corners, the Rackable Full Hygiene Pallet is conveyor systems friendly and can be used in racking with a distributed load of 1250 Kg.  This pallet also has a raised edge around the perimeter of the top surface to assist in the retention of product onto the pallet face.  These pallets are UV and weather resistant, with no cavities or joins to potentially entrap product, and are compatible with all materials handling equipment including pallet trucks.  There are no metal reinforcing rods, with the strength being provided by the sealed design and quality of materials.

Product Data

Weight kg: 23
Standard Material: HDPE
Method of Manufacture: Injection Moulding
Base Code - Grey: 98691
Min. Order Qty - Base: 1
External Dimensions (LxWxH): 1200mm x 1000mm x 160mm
Dynamic Load Rating: 1250 Kg
Static Load Rating: 5000 Kg
Rackable Load Rating: 1250 Kg
Image: 98691.jpg
USFDA Approved Material: YES
Product Stock Status: EX STOCK
Stock Locations: Ex Auckland and Christchurch factories


Id: 33
Name: Hygiene Pallets

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