36 Lt Apple Crate - Vented Base

The Apple Crate was the original bail arm crate to be commercially moulded in New Zealand and thousands were moulded for the budding apple industry as it was decades ago.  Times have changed and these crates are not used in any great quantity within the apple industry any more, but throughout time they have found their way into a multitude of different industries and are used in many applications.

They can be moulded from both food grade and regrind HDPE material depending on where and what they are to be used.  The oyster industry uses these to harvest and transport oysters from the barge back to the factory for processing, and regrind generally does the job in this tough environment as food grade crates are not required.

The crate has thick solid sidewalls and a vented base to allow the drainage of the contents if required.  The steel bail arms are able to support heavy loads placed upon them enabling the crates to be used to transport and store dense products that other crates simply cannot handle.

These are moulded to order with Orange being the standard colour for food grade and Black being the colour of choice for the regrind variant.  The tooling is based in New Zealand and we can manufacture these on short notice and offer hot foil stamping to provide permanent identification of ownership and / or contents.

Product Data

Weight kg: 0
Standard Material: HDPE
Method of Manufacture: Injection Moulding
Full Pallet Quantity - Base: 104
Min. Order Qty - Base: 500
External Dimensions (LxWxH): 505mm x 330mm x 345mm
Internal Dimensions (LxWxH): 430mm x 260mm x 330mm
Minimum Moulding Quantity: 500
Colour Change Quantity: 250
USFDA Approved Material: YES
Product Stock Status: MADE TO ORDER - Refer Moulding and Colour Change Quantity.
Stock Locations: Ex Auckland factory only


Id: 25
Name: Bail Arm Stack and Nest Crates

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