35 Lt RE Crate - Fully Vented
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The RE Crate range has a long and successful history in New Zealand with the majority of crates produced being used in the pooling sector to streamline the handling of produce from garden to auction, and then through to the final point of sale.

Aside from being used for produce, the RE Crates have been used in a multitude of different applications due to their 600mm x 400mm footprint which maximises all available space on an ISO sized pallet of 1200mm x 1000mm (5 per layer) and to the number of height options available.

Moulded from food grade polypropylene, the 35 Lt RE Crate interstacks with the entire Viscount RE Crate range.  They are suitable for almost all transport and storage requirements.  The unit loads are indicative only with all sizes of crates able to carry up to 15 Kg, provided maximum load on the bottom crate does not exceed 180 Kg.  The 35 Lt RE Crate has a return ratio of 1.88:1 with an incremental height of 97mm per crate.

Ventilation slots optimise air flow and a completely smooth interior limits bruising and tearing of soft produce and other contents.  There are ID card holders at each end providing the users to use a flexible identication process to display the contents of each crate.

These crates are manufactured in New Zealand and can be hot foil stamped to provide permanent identification of ownership and / or contents at time of moulding.  We can also mould and supply these in a range of colours.

Product Data

Weight kg: 1.64
Standard Material: PP
Method of Manufacture: Injection Moulding
Base Code - Grey: 98978
Full Pallet Quantity - Base: 120
Min. Order Qty - Base: 500
External Dimensions (LxWxH): 600mm x 400mm x 193mm
Internal Dimensions (LxWxH): 549mm x 348mm x 161mm
Load Rating (SWL): 15 Kg
Static Load Rating: 180 Kg
Minimum Moulding Quantity: 500
Colour Change Quantity: 250
Image: 98798.jpg
USFDA Approved Material: YES
Product Stock Status: MADE TO ORDER - Refer Moulding and Colour Change Quantity.
Stock Locations: Ex Auckland factory only


Id: 25
Name: Bail Arm Stack and Nest Crates

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